Black Crucifixion 'Hope Of Retaliation' review

'As long as there's hope...'
'Hope Of Retaliation'
(Soulseller Records)

Far from being the most prolific band in existence, yet a hugely respected one into the depths of underground metal, Black Crucifixion seem to perfectly understand and acknowledge the status they have earned during the band's 20 plus years journey. By the time of recording and releasing 'Hope Of Retaliation' in 2011 the band had had more than enough experience, technical skill and musical scope, which in turn were cleverly used in showcasing an up-to-date, mature, version of the band. Deep into its core this is still a black metal band, make no mistake about it, but even back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth Black Crucifixion have never been of the codified, generic, ilk, much less nowadays. Everything is in near-perfect balance here - the heavy, memorable guitar riffs with their massive tone, the prominent bass lines, the hammering, busy, drum patterns and Forn's distinctive commanding vocals, which will mostly be echoing in your head long after the disc is over - this is high quality metal right there, mateys. The band is not afraid of throwing a curve ball here and there for the listener but it's never overdone or kitschy sounding, just intense songs having a cold, icy, atmosphere about them that become dangerously addictive after couple of spins. Fuck it, I'm not even gonna start bitching for this not being a 'proper' new album, the band's decision of featuring four new songs alongside live versions of five tracks from their previous releases somehow makes sense - showing the bond between 'now' and 'then', and a promise for what lies ahead for Black Crucifixion. Current news is that new recording is underway. Yes, please! [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)

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