Cardiac Arrest 'Vortex Of Violence' review

'Vortex Of Violence'
(Ibex Moon Records)

I have been lucky enough to follow this great band since their debut CD from 2006, 'Morgue Mutilations', now up to their fourth masterpiece of old-school horror-gore drenched style of death rot. The band has unleashed 'Vortex Of Violence', their most devastating release to date featuring 11 songs of uncompromising, aggressive death metal in its truest form - heavy, straight forward riffs and solos that are both relentless but also original and varied as you can tell each of the songs apart of one another which is not easy task in this form of metal. Adam Scott's vocals have never sounded more sick or vicious, his growls are definitely some of the best of the best in scene today. 'Vortex Of Violence' will definitely go down as one of 2012's best death metal releases of the year. Do yourself a favor and buy this, it will please both long-time and new fans of this great Illinois band.


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