Borgne 'Royaume des Ombres' review

'Royaume des Ombres'
(Sepulchral Productions)

According to Metal Archives Borgne's sole recording member, Bornyhake, also plays drums for Kawir, under yet another nom de guerre, Ormenos. With that little trivia in mind one can but wonder what led him chose of using programmed drums when composing and recording for Borgne. Probably the core of the problem with this band's music, which frankly is of the hit and miss variety, stems from the demanding, and most likely impossible, task he had set for himself of mixing way too many styles into a coherent and really impressive sounding package. Fuzzy black metal guitars and Burzum-ish screeches and lots (I mean LOTS) of 'symphonic bm' keyboards, accompanied by the already mentioned programmed drums in an attempt of achieving genuine atmosphere of angst and fury? Agreeably, some parts on here are interesting enough and nicely executed but just as often the songs are just 'there', thus not really rewarding and I doubt I'd be reaching to 'Royaume...' for a listen any time soon, if ever. This is not worthlessly bad per se, but I've had my fix of bands sounding similar to Borgne's musical intentions already and the appeal was limited even the first time around. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)



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