At Vance 'Facing Your Enemy' review

'Facing Your Enemy'
(AFM Records)

'Facing Your Enemy' proclaims the return of At Vance, who have been dormant since releasing the awesome compilation album 'Decade' back in 2010. This is also the third album to feature Rick Altzi, whose vocal style has fitted like a glove to the band that's been led ever since its inception by the guitar virtuoso and main songwriter Olaf Lenk. 'Facing Your Enemy' is yet another fine example of the classy mixture of heavy metal and hard rock the band is known and admired for, both styles work hand in hand in their tunes, thus giving At Vance some special charm all their own.
The opening song 'Heaven Is Calling' is a pretty fast and melodic one, easily stealing the listener's attention by its 'hit' sounding nature, nicely setting the tone to the whole album - both the melody and the dynamics are very much presented until the album's closing. Olaf Lenk masterfully weaves guitar riffs and solos, Rick's mellow singing is really impressive and a nice addition to the overall impact. The rhythm section should be also proud of its accomplishments and here's the place to make a note that Casey Grillo, from Kamelot, is behind the drum kit, albeit he'd not be gigging with At Vance due to occupations with his main band.
'Facing Your Enemy' has a good flow and pace about it and although hard placing a particular track head over the others, some of the more choice cuts have to be the outstanding 'Saviour', 'Tokyo', 'Eyes Of A Stranger', the amazing instrumental that's 'March Of The Dwarf' and the closing ballad 'Things I Never Needed'.
Bangers into melodic heavy metal shouldn't be disappointed by this release, if you're already a fan of the band this is a mandatory purchase. If you've never heard At Vance thus far - think of music along the lines of Axel Rudi Pell and Royal Hunt, but still keeping its own identity. [8]
(Asen Asenov)


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