Eternal Helcaraxe 'Against All Odds' review

'Against All Odds'
(Abyss Records)

Ireland has always had a great metal scene whether it was black, doom or death - and Eternal Helcaraxe are no different. Eternal Helcaraxe fall into the epic, pagan black metal metal genre. 'Against All Odds' is their debut and is very impressive for a debut. Fast, intense music with some well done keyboards that are nicely mixed into chaotic, violent black metal for a nice blend of traditional, fast black metal and parts of epic,pagan blackness. Guitars are blazing fast with some good riffs, drumming is fast blast beats with some mid-paced beats. The vocals are blackened metal screams but there are some really well-done and sung melodic clean vocals. It will be nice if the band uses more of the clean vocal patterns on the next recording as they seem to fit the bands style very well. Highly recommended to all fans of quality, pagan black metal.


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