Hellbringer 'Dominion Of Darkness' review

'Dominion Of Darkness'
(High Roller Records)

The release of Australia's Hellbringer debut full-length shall be the best news all month for those recalling the days when bands such as Sodom, Kreator, Possessed and Slayer ruled hard with an iron fist. Their self-titled EP from last year was already impressive, thus the interest was already piqued. Obviously the band were aware of this and 'Dominion Of Darkness' ups the ante and delivers in spades. Don't let the prevalent apathy rule you, neither be caught carried away with the false notion that "new" thrash bands are dime a dozen - at least not when Hellbringer comes into question. One listen to these nine songs would put all prejudices to the grave - the sound is immense (heard of Harris Johns?), the playing is tighter than a virgin's cunt and the songs are this catchy so your neck muscles are already filing a claim to sue the fuck out of you for severe damage inflicted. The 80s are long gone and dusted, true, yet the spirit of blasphemic thrash has been preserved and this album is yet another keeper, making sure leather jackets and tight jeans is the sole dress code officially approved by the powers of Hades. [9]
(Vladimir Petrov)

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