Procession 'Death And Judgement' review

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'Death And Judgement'
(Burn Records / High Roller Records)

Doom metal aficionados better act fast securing a copy of this 10" MLP for themselves, with Procession's ever growing (and rightfully so!) profile in the scene chances are slim the edition of 500 would be available long before the "sold out" sign is being hung by each and every label/distro carrying this.

There's news the band's new album, 'To Reap Heavens Apart', is gonna be recorded October/November and the title track is an advanced version of one of the six songs planned to appear on that one. "Death And Judgement", isn't a mere appetizer, make no mistake about it - the song is an eight minute long monument boldly proclaiming and justifying band's place as one of the most exciting heavy-weight doom acts in current existence. The writing, playing and singing are all stellar, which is only to be expected, as is the production but the real strength of the song is the plethora of emotions it does successfully transmit and the overwhelming impact those are destined to have upon the listener. At its best music is pure magic - take a listen and don't tell me you're not obsessed by sorrow, grief, remorse, hope and all-conquering triumph. I wouldn't believe you anyway. "There's someone calling at my grave / I can't believe that I'm dead..." - to say this gives me the chills would be a vast understatement. 
Magic, pure magic. Either that or the bitterest curse...

Following perfection would be impossible, hadn't it been for Procession paying tribute to the mighty Scald on the flip of this essential release. It's been 15 years now since Agyl's untimely death and it's amazing to acknowledge the influence and importance of Scald's sole full-length album upon the hermetic doom metal world. The biggest praise I could give here on the cover version of "Nightsky" is that one really feels like wandering the vast plains of Russia, with the stars dimly shinning over the waters of Volga river and leave it at that. [9,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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