Devil Ancestry 'At The Seat Of Evil Ecstasy' review

'At The Seat Of Evil Ecstasy'
(Abysmal Sounds)

Raw, low tuned and bass heavy, crudely unpleasant and bursting with malicious intentions - welcome to the world of Devil Ancestry. We've got only four tracks (just this side of 9 minutes total) to work with, which is a pity, but for those who don't fear indulging themselves to music seemingly originating from the bottomless pits of Hell this band very much would be one of the best discoveries of the year. The atmosphere achieved is seriously unsettling, these tunes simply reek of the primordial fears that are part of the human race's DNA since time immemorial and there's the ever-growing sense, whilst listening to them, of chaos completely taking over the last flickers of sanity - and usually I'm not one making bold exaggerations about bands and music nowadays, make of that what you will! Do you feel it for the likes of bands such as Demilich, Portal, Sadistik Exekution or even early Necromantia? Then by all means this is a demo to get. Each new listening makes Devil Ancestry sound better (read: more sinister) and I reckon it's only due to the short length of the demo I'd settle for an [8] here.
(Vladimir Petrov)


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