Lelahell 'Al Intihar' review

'Al Intihar'
(Goressimo Records)

Seems like everything is moving in the right direction for this Algerian band. Band founder Lelahel (and sole member by the time of recording these debut 6 songs) got his 'Al Intihar' released on compact disc by the Polish Goressimo Records and found bassist and drummer to complete the line up, which can only be good news and a promise for what's yet to come from the Lelahell camp. For what it is (being a self-recorded demo), 'Al Intihar' serves its purpose to give the listeners an initial impression of the band's style. While not utterly captivating this is still quite adept death metal that ranges all the way from blazingly fast attacks to mournfully slow pace, constantly keeping an eye to quality and inventive guitar work, helped by the subtle yet noticeable traditional music influences scattered across the tunes. Freak not, this is still the metal of death, just a tiny bit "different" than most, yet the guiding hand of bands such as Immolation and Nile is ever present and easily noticeable. Not too shabby influences, eh? Vocally, this is just as ambitious and daring, nice. Mayhem's "Freezing Moon" closes things off, great choice really but hardly one for the vaults. I'd like to see how this band develops but as of now I don't feel this to be an essential listen. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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