Yellowtooth 'Disgust' review

(Orchestrated Misery Recordings)

Yellowtooth hails out of Indiana, but when you listen to the music I automatically figured they were from the South as they have that southern nuance to their sound. This band features Peter Clemens as some in the scene will surely remember him from bands like Shades of Grey, Sea of Tranquillity, Invasion (interviewed in Canadian Assault back in the day) and Skullview, while the other two members came from Chronic Disorder. Yellowtooth play a rocking type of sludge metal, but maybe not as heavy on the feedback as many sludge bands like Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Cavity and the like. But 'Disgust' is rocking, the riffage is really heavy and crushing yet always quite catchy, seemingly keeping at bay the doom tag. By my ear you can hear the members death metal roots in the guitar tuning / playing and also the vocals are pretty deep death metal growling, but kept clear enough that you make out most of what is sung. This is just some good rockin’ simplistic sludge with some balls and nice groove riffs, but not over done or cheesy like that mallcore shit or whatever they call it these days. This is record is nothing spectacularly groundbreaking or mind numbingly great by any means, but it is a solid and even good album, a fine debut, but with a couple demos under their belt and countless years experience that should be expected. It is worth a listen.
(Dale Roy)


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