Nunslaughter 'Hells Unholy Fire' review

'Hells Unholy Fire'
(Hells Headbangers) 

Damn! Hells Headbangers have been busy this year releasing great,quality metal. This time re-releasing the legendary 'Hells Unholy Fire' originally released in 2000 this was the debut full-length (even though the band has countless bootlegs, EP's, demos etc.) from the band. I would guess most reading this have at least heard one release or one song from these guys but if no? Well then you are missing out! NUNSLAUGHTER embrace and embody all that made death metal great in the first place - mid-paced,heavy guitars with some catchy riffs/solos,drums are equally as catchy going from slower to mid-paced even moving to the fast paced for a few songs. And of course the sick growls. This era of death metal (early/mid 90's) is probably my favorite in the metal scene's history due to the fact that bands didn't try to out play each other with over the top complex,technical riffs or blast a million beats into one song. They just played from the heart and what they loved, not what others were doing or what the labels were pressuring them to. So to end this review before I bore the hell out of everyone - if you are a NUNSLAUGHTER fan you will want this for two reasons : no.1 it has been out of print for many years, and no.2 the label and band were kind enough to add a bonus disk (for the CD version unsure about the LP, sorry) 'An Evening At War Live'. Recommended to metal fanatics!!!


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