Lunar Aurora 'Hoagascht' review

(Cold Dimensions)

Lunar Aurora
Following its ancestor ‘Andacht’, ‘Hoagascht’ is a representative sample of Lunar Aurora’s ambient black metal style. Lunar Aurora offers a much more atmospheric and less pure black album, in comparison to its previous works. The band began timidly to experiment with its sound in ‘Andacht’ and this new album is the turning point for the duet from Bavaria. Instead of pure brutal black metal vocals, attacking riffs and blistering, repetitive drums, ‘Hoagascht’ is totally overwhelmed by an eerie and sombre atmosphere, ‘transporting’ the listener to a dark, wet, cold, haunted and full of haze forest of Germany. The artwork reveals this band’s intention; however no one is prepared for the content of this album. The new sound of Lunar Aurora is much more minimalistic and ambient that in its previous albums, which is further reinforced by the use of almost ‘chill out’ keyboards and melodic riffs in a slower tempo for most of the album. Nevertheless, there are also some black metal moments mixed up with the electronic sound, as the growling vocals in “Geisterwoid”and the aggressive guitars in “Im Gartn”. ‘Hoagascht’ is for one more reason innovative: it can “boast” that it is the first album in the black metal scene that has lyrics in the Upper Bavarian dialect. The ninth full-length album of the Bavarians can definitely be a sample of upper level ambient black metal. [9]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)


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