Cryptopsy 'Cryptopsy' review

(Self released)

'Cryptopsy' is the seventh full-length album from the technical death metal band Cryptopsy from Montreal, Canada after four years of silence. Although not a fan of this genre due to the vocal style, I have to admit that the band returns with a mind-blowing album, which is characterized by brutality, excellent, remarkable and melodic guitar solos, technical and devastating guitars, as in the case of ‘The Golden Square Mile’, heavy bass and blistering drums. The songs are not at all boring, especially ‘Red-Skinned Scapegoat’, which at the end adopts some moments of jazz mood, before it turns out again into brutal out-of-the-throat vocals. This album gave another dimension to what Cryptopsy’s brutal death metal means and restored the King to his throne. The whole album is insane and succeeds in capturing the attention even of those who are not fans of this genre. [8]
(Dark Alice's nightingale)



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