March Of The Hordes / Escape The Flesh 'Split CD' review

Split CD
(Lavadome Productions)

The good old split concept, this time both bands are sharing common ground by their love of the old Swedish sound and distortion and by keeping things simple and not pushing the speed boundaries to absurd and artificial levels. We get a pair of songs each from those young units and there's a clear difference between their chosen means to an end, with MOTH [6,5] generally holding more of a 'nerve' and harsher vocalist, while Escape The Flesh [7] seem to be pleased to add crushing, doomier weight to their style, which overall appears to be catchier with all these Hellhammer-esque beats, gruff vocals and heavy churning riffs. A good initiative by Lavadome and congratulations to them for their debut vinyl release, 'Dead Lovers’ Guide' by Brutally Deceased - review here.


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