Cauldron Black Ram 'The Poisoner' review

'The Poisoner'
(Abysmal Sounds)

A 'Maxi-EP' release could bring a tear to the crusty and ungraciously aging eyes of the seasoned veterans reading this but that's the way the flyer bills these four songs from the Aussie gang. Too bad 'The Poisoner' isn't made available on 12'' vinyl [Parasitic Records from the US are apparently going to do this - ED], now that would be the ultimate format to justify the notion, as the music certainly warrants it. Too bad I won't be able to compare this to the band's earlier releases, since this is the first I'd heard from them, bar one song on a compilation CD I got a decade ago...time is a funny little bitch, ain't it? Cauldron Black Ram seem to be one of those bands that are hard to pigeonhole style-wise, but let me assure you there's a certain deranged atmosphere in these tunes that make this band stand on their own. Occasionally doomier than what I'd expected and crushingly low-tuned those songs are a nice example of what can be achieved in this medium when the musicians are able to come out with interesting arrangements and kinda odd sounding guitars and drumming. The snarling vocals give this even more of a freaky sinister feel, which in fact is rather reminiscent to the one from the death metal demo era of the late '80's/early '90's and that's not a bad thing in itself. 'The Poisoner' has a certain dark charm, definitely both a grower and a nice appetizer for the band's next full-length. [7,5]


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