Murw 'In de mond vet onbekende wacht een oceaan' review

'In de mond vet onbekende wacht een oceaan'
(Heidens Hart)

This is my first encounter with Holland's MURW. At first listen the band seems to be influenced by raw,atmospheric black metal, but when you listen a few more times you can hear a strong death/doom and even a lot of progressive guitars within the blackness. The guitars are raw,mid-paced giving them a nice black/doom type of sound but in the next song the band switches gears and mixes in some unexpected progressive type of guitar riffs and solos definitely not used by most blackened/doom bands. The drums are mid-paced with some slow doomish beats but never really gain speed which is good cause MURW has a perfect sound and I don't think the band would do good trying to incorporate fast,aggressive riffs or beats with their blend of progressive blackened doom. If you are a black metal fan who only listens and worships the old-school aggressive bands then most likely MURW will be a band you will not like. But if you enjoy your black metal with alot of originality and creativity then MURW is a band you must hear. Highly recommended.


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