Mass Murder Frenzy 'Insurrection Divinity' review

'Insurrection Divinity'
(Victim Music)

The duo of Tim LaBossiere (vocals, bass, guitars, drum programming) and Vic Silvia (guitars, backing vocals, co-drum programming) unleash their monster known as Mass Murder Frenzy one more time upon the unexpecting underground. 'Insurrection Divinity' is Mass Murder Frenzy's fourth masterpiece of sickness and their most complex, powerful and intense work to date. Nine songs that start out heavy and never let up until the final note is played. But both Vic and Tim have been playing music for a long time so, yes the music is heavy and fast, but it is also complex with a lot of memorable and catchy riffs that are memorable even after the CD has long ended. The drums are programmed but have a human feel to them - in areas you hear the programmed drums, but the guys have done a great job in making the drums as real as possible and fit perfectly with their guitar and bass structures. Tim's vocals have never sounded better or more vicious than on 'Insurrection Divinity', same for Vic's higher screams and growls. If you heard the band previous release 'Unleashed' then definitely buy this - as the music on 'Insurrection Divinity' is even better than 'Unleashed' (which I didn't think they would be able to match) ; or if you are a new listener to Mass Murder Frenzy and you enjoy vicious, violent brutal death metal you won't hear a better a band!!!



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