Spellcraft 'Yersinia Pestis' review

'Yersinia Pestis'
(Xtreem Music)

After a few years I can honestly say this was well worth the wait! If you are like me and have been lucky enough to hear/follow this bands earlier EPs you know the quality (yet equally as violent sounding) black metal Spellcraft can create. 'Yersinia Pestis' is Spellcraft's full-length debut and the songs range from 4-7 minutes but the band has enough creative ideas to give each song their own identity and life so they don't become boring or repetitive. The guitarist stay within the mid-to fast pace range for the most part but are not all about the speed as there is some really well-played and done obscure, and melodic, guitar patterns that give a dark atmosphere to the overall sound. Midgard's vocals have never sounded better as he mixes demonic screams and raspy,whispery vocals. Spellcraft also use keyboards but unlike so many other bands that let the keyboards outshine the other instruments, Spellcraft intertwine the keyboards with the guitars and the drums perfectly to make a dark atmosphere within the violent black metal storm. Spellcraft have released one of 2012's best black metal releases - buy this if you consider yourself a fan of black metal!


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