Eye Of Solitude 'Sui Caedere' review

'Sui Caedere'
(Kaotoxin Records)

Eye Of Solitude second release 'Sui Caedere' is nothing short of brilliant and amazing, beautiful yet sorrow-filled and crushing death/doom. The band has a lot of influences and similarities to the early 90s death/doom masters such as Anathema, My Dying Bride (their 1st releases especially), Skepticism etc. without totally being a clone band. The heavy slow drums and crushing guitar chords are only made more heavy and even a little more depressive, if that's possible, with the deep growls which are both powerful but also have a certain despair and sadness within each lyric, which makes your heart wrench with each note and listen. But at the same the music and songs on 'Sui Caedere' are written so complex and masterful it is hard not to listen. Like most bands in this genre the bands uses keyboards but uses them in a good way to help "add" an extra layer of darkness and despair to their sorrowful sound. If you are a fan of sorrow-filled, atmospheric death/doom you will not want to miss this gem of a release.


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