Abazagorath 'Abazagorath' review

(No Visible Scars Records)

This is a band that should need no introduction to long-time blackened death metal fans. New Jersey's Abazagorath took the scene by storm in the mid 90s and have been holding their own against all the trends, bands, posers etc. that have come and gone. Here we are in 2012 and I am proud to say listening to their self-titled MiniCD the band has not lost their ability to write or play intense, cold and hateful, but also at the same time somewhat original blackened death metal which is not an easy task to do considering the thousands of bands that have flooded this genre over the last 2 decades. The EP starts with a somber, almost beautiful, sounding intro but the mood suddenly changes when the band switches to their trademark fast razor sharp guitars that are extremely fast yet flawless in their execution. The drumming is equally fast with blasting drums that are unrelenting and well-written. The vocals are hateful shrieks and some growls that fit perfectly with Abazagorath's amazing blend of blackened death metal. If you have heard Abazagorath's past work then buy this today, as it is nothing short of brilliant. If you are new fan to this band and enjoy fast, violent yet original and quality black metal you won't hear another band better than Abazagorath.


  1. Anonymous9/04/2012

    Abazagorath is one of the best US Black Metal bands period!!! I can't wait to see them in concert again in Maryland.

    1. Agreed! US black metal is enjoying a slightly doubtful reputation, but there are quite few real gems and Abazagorath is one of them for sure. Dead Void Dreams' contributor Dale Roy has an excellent interview with them on his own Canadian Assault Zine website, check it out.
      Thanks for the comment, cheers!


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