Cianide 'The Dying Truth' review

'The Dying Truth'
(Deathgasm Records)

Originally released in 1992 Cianide's 'The Dying Truth' is a true classic in the realm of death metal and in underground metal in general. Deathgasm have done a great job with re-releasing this slab of death metal history. Not only do you get the release of 'The Dying Truth', but you also get as an added "bonus"the band's two demos, 1990's 'Funeral' and 'Second Life' from 1991. If you are not familiar with Cianide you should think about what genre you are a supposed fan of considering Cianide have been going strong (still releasing quality, heavy death metal today, check out the review of their latest here) but seriously if you've never heard Cianide they were one of the first bands to originate the heavy, mid-paced death metal sound that so many bands have tried to copy but very few have captured it quite to the perfection that Cianide has over the years. So if you missed this release in 1992, don't make the same mistake in 2012! Go to the Deathgasm web-store today and order your copy now!!


[Cianide are truly an amazing band, an interview with Mike Perun is long overdue... Make sure to look out for the lavish vinyl re-issues of this album and 'A Descent Into Hell', both by The Crypt - ED]



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