Vesen 'This Time It's Personal' review

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'This Time It's Personal'
(Soulseller Records)

Vesen play dirty and aggressive thrash metal, with black metal influences. At times the vocals sound like Satyricon and Meshuggah, but without losing the speed and anger required by the songs. Despite being primitive as fuck this is very well done, never boring for a moment and leaving you wanting to keep listening to this band. In these times it's hard to find bands to come out of the monotony and Vesen proves that there are still creativity and raw power in metal, the album title goes perfect with the band's style that's surprising and powerful. This band is capable of causing a brutal mosh pit, "Where The Children Go To Die" is the sickest song on the album, lyrically and musically - it's an order to check this band out soon!
(Paul Caravasi)


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