NunSlaughter 'Cerebus' review

(Hells Headbangers)

Call me coloured but Hells Headbangers are beyond cool. Just like NunSlaughter are, no matter if you're one of those being (oh, so!) clever, making "fun" off them on forum boards about the band's name, their gazillions of releases and the "retro metal" image. The tunes are good, period. Sorta thrashy, sorta deathy, sorta punkish and NEVER failing to sound convincing to these ears. It's all about the spirit and the passion - and the band has proven over the years they've got those and then some. The EP was originally released back in 2003 but you can't tell, both "Mother.Cunt.Whore" and the title track still rage on fearlessly, commanding the listener to wreck havoc and fuckshitup, all while dragging down the brew of his/her choice. Don't worry, Satan is giving a nod and taking a sip to this as well, so you know you're in a good company. For added joy this picture EP has also on the flip the rehearsal versions of both original studio cuts and depending on the level of intoxication there's chance you'd be digging those to the same extend as the studio versions, if not more so. Fuck it, the review is done and I'm off to the fridge for yet another beer. Now that's fun times, 'Cerebus' has reminded me I've not had listened to Slaughter's 'Strappado' in the last couple of weeks - I foresee a hazy morning, boys and girls... [8]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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