Monads 'Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem' (dual) review

'Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem'
(Ordo MCM)

54 minutes of a tiring five-song demo for the band from Belgium. Another funeral doom album without anything new to exhibit to the listener. Extremely slow tempos, drums that still needs a lot of work, tiring lead guitar solos combined with slow growling. Perhaps the description sounds interesting, but it is not so good as it seems. There are times where the musical compositions touch the limits of death/doom, as at the end of ‘Absent As In These Veins’, lacking any connection with the entire song. Although ‘Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem’ can be regarded as ‘very good’ from some fans of this genre, this does not mean that it is not one-of-the-same, without any inspiration and without a spark. Despite the fact that it is a heavy, melancholic and atmospheric demo, it does not offer a great listening experience. [6] 
 Dark Alice's nightingale

We're opinionated bunch here at Dead Void Dreams, or else we wouldn't be doing this, right? This was bound to happen - and while I do respect Alice's opinion and am thankful for all the hard work and passion she has injected in the zine since joining - here's my take on Monad's album. Cool, you get another review...and another opinion, at no extra charge, hah!

I've nothing but applauds to Ordo MCM for picking up the band and re-releasing this on CD. For what's in fact a debut outing 'Intellectus...' is more than simply "good" and it's certainly a promise for what's yet to come from Belgium's most wretched and wicked weirdos. Yes, it requires a good few listens, not to mention a particularly bleak and introvert state of mind, to fully sink in, but once that happens and you've taken the trip there's a realization that Monads are here to stay - and haunt your subconsciousness. In terms of harshness and fuck-your-mind-for-good hypnotizing ambience this stuff seemingly owes as much to bands like Merzbow and Corrupted as it does to Esoteric and Mournful Congregation, which undoubtedly gives the band broader canvas to work with, a thing that can only enrich the impact of those five dirges on offer. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all but it's a safe bet that those who like it slow, bone-chilling and full of anguish will be glad to add this to their collections. [8,5]
Vladimir Petrov


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