Wanderer 'Bypassing The Abyss' review

'Bypassing The Abyss'
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

First full-length album for Mysterion (vocals/lyrics/artwork) and Dragonheart (back vocals/all instruments) from Donetsk, Ukraine. The black metal album 'Bypassing The Abyss' was originally released in 2004 under the title 'Passing The Abyss' by the Russian label Magic Art. The company, however, was closed and the album was not accepted by the public as it would deserve to, since there was no promotion. After than, the two-member band decided to release the album again after eight years and it's available now thanks to the German label Dunkelheit Produktionen. All songs remain the same as in the first recording - the reason for this was that the re-recording of the songs would be extremely difficult, since the original recording took place in a forest and a cave near Slavyanogorsk, Ukraine, so as the natural resonance of the voice can be heard. [Delved myself deeper into this bit to find out that this possibly applies only to some vocal parts, plus quite enjoyed the image of them recording the drums into their living room...the poor neighbours, hah. - ED] 
The band succeeded in keeping the raw black metal aesthetics of the early 1990s: slowly-crawling and almost predictable guitar riffs, imposing drums, stormy bass and agonizing vocals are the main characteristics of the album, consisted of eight songs. After the "Intro”, "Disappeared in the Mist" puts the listener from the beginning into the atmosphere of the album. Although "Leaving the Abyss" is very good, "Angel Bury" is perhaps the best song on the whole album. All the musical compositions reveal a cold, misanthropic, brutal depressive and claustrophobic atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the lyrical themes of the nature’s superiority over the human materialism. Although it is another black metal album which reminds us a little of the old Darkthrone, Wanderer has put its own twist on the sound and the vocals, offering one interesting album in this genre.[7]
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