Dark At Dawn 'Noneternal ' review


After five years of silence the German band  is back with an energy laden four-track mini album. The flute intro, which reminds of Chinese folk music, of the opening song "Coming Home" followed by the Falconer-style guitars full of melody, perhaps appropriate for a Western movie, is a sign that the listening of this album will be a pleasant one. That's the case indeed, as the highly melodic - and at the same time extremely powerful - “Arabian Fights”, which starts with an oriental touch of "Morocco Night", is followed by the beer-time party-song “Firedrunk” with its catchy and easy to memorize refrain, similar to the feeling one has when hearing Korpiklaani’s songs. “Taking my time” is the last song of this brief but promising comeback of Dark At Dawn to the power metal scene. Of course the characteristic rough voice of Thorsten "Buddy" Kohlrausch is one of the major advantages of this band. Great news that in 2013 the band will release its next album to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Looking forward to hearing from them again. [9]
(Dark Alice nightingale)


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