Dynfari 'Sem Skugginn' review

'Sem Skugginn'
(Code 666)

A journey through the cold endless landscapes of Iceland would be enough to describe the second full-length album of the two-member band from Reykjavik. Absolutely dark, depressive and emotionally aggressive, the sequel of 'Dynfari' will excite the fans of Myrk, Wolves in the Throne Room and Austere, since it touches the limits of SDBM. Death, loss, pain and hope are the main lyrical themes of this band that screams "Pull me under!". From the opening song “Glötun” till the closing track “Svartir Himnar”, Dynfari pull slowly and effortlessly the listener to a placebo-state of unconsciousness, to a hopeless world of despair and desolation. Through the music that captures the ear and the mind, the band expresses its deeper and internal feelings which are imposed on the listener throughout the whole album. Despite its length, the band succeeds in keeping undiminished the attention of the listener through its careful work and the well-written material, although the band was formed only two years ago.

The old school Norwegian-style guitars and the heavy percussion of Emil, along with the desperate growling vocals of Őrn, although used sparingly and carefully, as well as the doomy tempos at some points of the album mixed with folk and progressive passages, promise a fall to one’s inner state of dark feelings, where no one can be saved. Undoubtedly the pure atmospheric / post-black metal at its best from a band that respects this genre, itself and its fans. Just let the experience begin…

Rating: 8/10 (Only because I believe the band is very promising and has more to give us)
Dark Alice's nightingale


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