Demonic Death Judge 'Skygods' review

(Inverse Records)

If one blends the music of Orange Goblin with the growling vocals of a black metal band, then one has the impressive second album of the four-member band from Kymenlaakso, Finland. Demonic Death Judge offers us one of the best albums in sludge metal, touching the limits of the psychedelic stoner doom of the '70s mixed with Heinonen’s black grouching vocals. The eight tracks of the album reveal an emotional dynamic and call the listener to a journey from birth to death and again to rebirth. Hearing the powerful and mid-tempo groovy riffs changing to strumming guitar chords is like whirling in a vortex of consciousness and unconsciousness. Hakyli’s sludgy doomy riffs give their position to psychedelic jam guitar sections, which are carefully and well-planned mixed with Hakuli’s heavy roaming badass bass. On the other side, the energetic drums of Pikka with their passages contribute either to the calm or the tempestuous sound. The acoustic guitar interlards with the rest musical compositions and overall the album stuns the senses and captivates the mind with its intense and heady aura. The percussion just intensify the gloomy atmosphere of this work. “Pilgimage” is a masterpiece, perhaps the epitome of the whole album, indicating the tremendous improvement of the band from its previous work and proving what Demonic Death Judge is capable of. [9] 
Dark Alice's nightingale 



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