Riti Occulti 'Riti Occulti' review

'Riti Occulti'
(Epidemie Records)

A very interesting and extremely atmospheric first full-length album from Riti Occulti formed in 2011 in Lazio, Rome. 'Riti Occulti' offers us a sample of stoner black doom metal mixed with the psychedelic sound of the '70s. Heavy and suffocating bass riffs, slow and mid-tempo drums, and fuzzy groovy guitars are the characteristics of Riti Occulti’s sound. The depressive melancholy of the bouzouki in "Desert of Soul" transfers the listener to oriental paths, while the haunting flute in "Bitter Awakening" along with the rhythmic drums calls for a trip to the depths of mystagogue. The pure black growling vocals full of desperation and anger along with the background operatic female vocals and the spoken words in some of the songs make the album all the way more atmospheric. All these are blended with a ritual sound referring to a sacramental journey towards darkness and occultism. Overall, the dense musical compositions of 'Riti Occulti' perhaps deserve a second hearing so as to be better appreciated. [8]
Dark Alice's nightingale


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