Decline Of The I 'Inhibition' review

(Agonia Records)

During the last years France has proved that it can be counted among the leading countries in the avant-garde / post-black metal scene - Peste Noire and Blut Aus Nord being only couple of the examples. From now on, France can be also be proud of Decline Of The I
The band describes its work as something between Burzum, Code and Neurosis, and not unfairly. The band is the idea of the musician A.K. (vocals/ guitars/keyboards/programming/samples), who was previously released various underground metal works, including Malhkebre, Neo Infermo 262, Diapsiquir and Vorkreist. The concept of the album is based on a trilogy inspired by the works of the biologist Henri Laborit, about aggression in the world and the effort of humans to stand up and fight to this aggression, gaining its freedom. In this process there are three stages: suffering (“Inhibition” – oppressive and heavy), rebelling (“Rebellion” – fast and violent) and finally avoiding (“Escape” – cold and industrial).
'Inhibition' is characterized by its rhythmic sessions, psychedelic noises, spoken French word sessions, female operatic vocals, badass bass that fits to the musical compositions and drums that keep up excellent with the rhythm. The passages from the melodic rhythm guitars to the melancholy riffs, turned to more oppressive sound and reaching a buzzing scratch of the chords, reinforce the depressive, dark and psychedelic atmosphere of the album, that manages in hypnotizing the listener and travel him to a completely ecstatic state of mind. Overall the band stands for the creation of a totally unique sound under the labels ‘post-black metal’ or ‘avant-garde metal’, which may not be captured only from the first hearing.[8]
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