Hot Graves review

‘D-Beat Death Dirge’ demo & ‘Desecration Time’ EP

Generally speaking, when DJ VKOM himself (aka Fenriz) approves of a band nowadays, one can bet that the said band is either playing early 80’ metal of some sort, or as in this case, some raw punk/crust mixed with (black) metal. Hot Graves’ demo stuff, with its cavernous tone and production, leans more to territories long ago occupied, and ruled fiercely, by the likes of Profanatica and Nunslaughter, even though these Florida natives have tried their best injecting the crust virus of Amebix and Discharge for an added mutant effect. Sadly the guitars are waaay too thin sounding at times, thus those songs never really clicked with me fully, despite my adoration to the bands that originally inspired this. However, the band has improved with time, it seems, and  ‘Desecration Time’ boasts a much fuller, more dynamic sound and style. This is also more D-beat oriented, safe for the slow and low metal part in the title song. Plus, they’re covering Anti Cimex on this, compared to Bad Religion on the demo. A six pack should go well while listening and tapping your feet along, you all know what former DJ Ebola has said in a countless number of his fabulous interviews – this is not a rocket science, after all. Have fun and let these guys crash on your pad while they’re on the road.


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