Fortress 'Modern Day Society' review

'Modern Day Society'
(Thrashing Madness Records)

Thankfully, that 'thrash revival' wave seems to be largely over by now and you can bet I'm fucking glad about that. I'm not against guys having fun and chugging down beers, a good party is a must obviously, it was just that the music and the zombie-themed lyrics simply didn't made a lasting impact on me. FORTRESS neither made one to a full extent as well, but there's some real promise in this band and I'd like to see if the Polish lot would be able to hone their craft on the future offerings. These eight tracks are well-composed and played with real flair, they know what good, hefty, non-Pantera type, groove is and when to use it, the guitar work is tasty, with some nice soloing that's not simply slapped over for the sake of it, and the rhythm section holds their end pretty well. The vocals are near perfect too and are the reason I'm constantly reminded of good ole OVERKILL whilst listening to this, plus they're using some of the classic 'gang-style' choruses thrash has been known for since time immemorial (read, the 80's), which is OK in my book. Had this been more violent and lose I'd have probably liked it tad more, but apparently the band knows their strength and influences and this album should go over well with those who like it energy-laden and musically proficient. Fans of TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN and DARK ANGEL, yes – I'm talking to you! And yeah, no cheap zombified 'fun' in the lyrics here. Thanks, FORTRESS! [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov) 



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