Maveth 'Coils Of The Black Earth' review

'Coils Of The Black Earth'
(Dark Descent Records)

Finland's Maveth are a new band to my ears and I'm glad I got a hold of their debut full-length on the great Dark Descent label. 'Coils Of The Black Earth' showcases this young band's power and dark violent sound. The band mixes in mid nineties death metal with some of their own sick twisted ideas. The guitars have some really well played complex riffs / patterns, without loosing any of the heaviness, they are done back and forth going from extremely fast with non-stop riffs but without warning come to a nearly slow/ mid paced crawl. The vocals are vicious, angry and just insane. Maveth might sound just like any other death metal band with this review, but believe me, they are so much more with their music that has a very dark atmosphere intertwined within the band's brutal sound. This is one hell of a great debut and well worth checking out if you enjoy dark, brutal death metal.

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