Paroxsihzem 'Paroxsihzem' review

(Dark Descent Records)

I don't know where Dark Descent finds their bands but so far I think just about every band I have heard from this label has been great and that's pretty rare these days. But you can add Paroxsihzem to the roster of Dark descent bands that are great and definitely worth checking out. Paroxsihzem come out of the Canadian underground and has released an amazing debut full of morbid, dark heavy death metal. Raging fast guitars, thick heavy bass mixed with deep, low growls. The band plays death metal the way it was meant to be played: no gimmicks, no over-the top technical riffs / solos - just dark, nasty heavy riffs. If you are a "fan" of dark, bass / guitar heavy death metal then you should definitely enjoy Paroxsihzem.

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