Stagnant Waters 'Stagnant Waters' review

'Stagnant Waters'

Stagnant Waters is a new musical trio that definitely thinks outside the musical box when creating music. The band does have some black metal influence but that is definitely not its main influence as Stagnant Waters seems to draw and use influence from industrial, techno (not the trendy / happy shit techno but more eerie / haunting style) mixed with with a lot of random spaced out soundscapes that somehow seem to blend together within a dark realm of industrialized metal and just plain insanity put to extreme music. While other tracks are more influenced by ambient, noise, and industrial - in other words, Stagnant Waters are a band that have no boundaries when it comes to their music and I have to definitely respect that. Personally this is something that is a release that not going to be for everyone but I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy extreme metal / music with no boundaries.


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