Warseid 'Where Fate Lies Unbound' review

'Where Fate Lies Unbound'

It is very strange for a band from Wisconsin, U.S.A. to deal with Norwegian mythology. However, Warseid is one of these bands that not only has Norse mythology as its main lyrical theme, but is also succeeds in mixing in an amazing way folk with symphonic black metal, creating its unique sound.
'Where Fate Lies Unbound' is the new EP for the five – member band from Madison after 'Sentry' which was released in 2010. "Shackles Through Sand" starts with a soft acoustic guitar before the appearance of an extremely melodic lead guitar that can be easily imprinted into your mind. The continuous passages from black harsh to more gentle and clean vocals and from stormy riffs again to acoustic guitar melodies are enough to appreciate the abilities of this band. The last song "Farewell" reveals a rather melancholic mood at the first part while it can be considered as the most melodic and the song which definitely reveals the features of Warseid’s music. Without doubt all the musical compositions show a maturity and a well-cared job, which perhaps is the outcome of the musical background of all members of the band. All the instruments are played as they should, so as to achieve an acoustic balance. Despite the length of the album, although it has only four songs, it should be definitely heard more than once. Only one word for this album: challenge. [7,5]
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