Opium Warlords 'We Meditate Under..' review

'We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky'
(Svart Records)

The one-man project (of none else but Sami Albert Hynninen, one of the bizarre reverends - ED) Opium Warlords from Finland released its second full-length album under the provocative title 'We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky'. The opening track "Sxi-Meru" is a compilation of grotesque noises that despite their sickness manage to draw the listener’s attention. "Slippy" begins with a doomy and epic mix of various instruments to continue with an attack of growling vocals and harsh guitars and drums just to end up to a soft, relaxing, harmonious and melodic sound. However, the song doesn’t leave room for relaxing, since it ends with a blast of drums and almost ritualistic music. 
Despite these almost good songs that create in you the desire to listen carefully what would come next (at least to some extent), the rest of the album is rather disappointing. The slow doom riffs at the beginning of "Lament For The Builders Of Khara Khoto’ reveal a dark atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the dull growling that slowly come to the surface, and the distorted riffs that continue to lay heavily upon the whole depressive atmosphere which creates a cold and lonely scene. In the middle of the song the sound changes to a more "black-funky" sound, just to end up in a melancholic mood. The final track ‘Satan Knew My Secret Heart’ is just a song of distorted guitars with a monotonous and subdued melody, simply leaving you with the question "Why has this song been written?".
Overall the album is a mix of sounds, many of them without a logic and continuity, with the use of some kind of sick psychedelic sounds. Nevertheless, the album should be heard more than once in order to capture at least to some extent the nonexistence of the inner soul, which is the final outcome of this hearing (according to my opinion). [5]
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