Kill With Hate 'Evolution Of The Beast' review

'Evolution Of The Beast'

Hungarian death metal band Kill With Hate seem to have something to prove with their debut album, 'Evolution of the Beast', and hey, most new bands do have something to prove, and while I’m sure most try to follow the thin line between proving their chops and over compensating, 'Evolution of the Beast' goes above and beyond any proof you’ll ever need.
The album begins with an intro of chaotic native Australian instruments sounding acrimoniously. An intriguing intro to such a brutal album.
The second track, “Birth of the Impiety, wastes no time kicking into high gear, barraging you with vicious blastbeats and chaotic riffing before slowing down and getting real heavy, real fast. Add some keyboard for atmosphere, and finish it off with an awesome solo. All in the course of one minute and forty two seconds. 
I could tell right from the beginning that this was going to be a fun album to listen to, and I was right. The title track is barely longer than three minutes, and is also the longest track on the album. It rages forward with crushing riffs played with wild abandon and maniacal timing, highly technical (though a bit generic) drumming, and brutal, disgusting growls. Again, there is an intense and heavy breakdown section with a very impressive solo, after which, the song picks up where it left off, and smashes your face in.
Kill With Hate, while dabbling quite skillfully in 10 ton breakdowns and chilling atmospheres, really excel the most in the art of kicking your ass with sheer brutality, mostly by means of speed. The track “Family,” for example, is one of many two minute ass-kickings on this 19 minute album that absolutely destroy the listener with effortless and consistent speed and power.
'Evolution of the Beast' is not the greatest death metal album around, but the short, manageable length, coupled with its sheer force and hatred make it more enjoyable listen than most albums of its kind out today, and is able to be enjoyed again and again. [8]
(Andrew Oliver)


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