Morbid Execution 'Vulgar Darkness' review

'Vulgar Darkness'
(Deathgasm Records)

I know very little about these Polish maniacs but I am sure with their self-titled debut this will change among the underground fans. At least those of us who still worship raw, dirty blackened death metal sounds of the early 90s. No melody, no atmosphere, no perfect production that is over-produced and sounds too clean. So what will you get from Morbid Execution's debut? Fast and sometimes catchy blackened death metal, that's what. The production as mentioned is pretty raw sounding which gives it that demo/rehearsal sound of the elder bands from the 80s (which I personally love, nothing beats a raw, hateful blackened death metal demo... ah, memories). Most of today's fans and music listeners will probably hate this, but if you are an old-school fanatic who remembers tape-trading, print-fanzines, snail mail, etc. you should definitely check out Morbid Execution's great debut. Highly recommended.


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