Deiphago 'Satan Alpha Omega' review

'Satan Alpha Omega'
(Hells Headbangers)

The war machine known as Deiphago once again returns with their newest release of primitive, vicious blackened war metal mixed with noisy grinding guitars and blasting drums. The album starts off with a intro of air-raid sirens which is a perfect beginning to the attack that Deiphago has planned on 'Satan Alpha Omega'. Deiphago embrace the best qualities in the classic raw, primitive black metal scene (Sarcofago, Beherit, etc.) and mix them with noisy, raw thrashy guitars and blasting chaotic drums. Deiphago (like all of Hells Headbangers bands) hold the old-school values and sound close to their metallic heart. If you enjoyed the past releases of the band then check out 'Satan Alpha Omega' this will not disappoint you!! Or if you enjoy intense, raw, uncomprising blackened war metal that takes no prisoners then definitely be sure to check out Deiphago!! No other band does it better.


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