Black Crow King 'To Pay The Debt Of Nature' review

'To Pay The Debt Of Nature'
(badGod Music)

Black Crow King is the vision of Corvus (vocals, all instruments) and the music is a nice blend of blackened doom with some experimental, and sludge doom moments mixed in. Usually you would not think these styles would work together but Corvus does a good job mixing them in and creating a dark, and sometimes eerie/creepy atmosphere. Vocals are a natural fit to Black Crow King's music, with harsh, spoken word style vocals. I think Black Crow King have a good future for itself in the experimental black metal scene, so if you enjoy blackened doom that is creative and not afraid to add other genres within their sound you will enjoy this a lot.
(The band was named after the Nick Cave's tune, I'd presume? Now that's the way to my heart, if I actually still had one ;) - ED)


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