The Stone 'Golet' review

(Folter Records)

One of Serbia's most well respected and known bands return with their best release to date! 'Golet' is the latest release from THE STONE and shows the band still creating complex, uncompromising and above all original black metal. The band's sound is firmly set in the roots of black metal but is very hard to pin point a certain band they sound similar to. The songs are mid-paced range but do speed up but usually move back and forth between mid-range and fast as hell black metal keeping the listener interested as to what the band will do next. The band keeps their production somewhere in the middle not the most crystal clear sounding band (personally black metal should never sound like this to me) but it also does not have a real primitive, rehearsal type of sound like so many of the early bands of the genre had. THE STONE has been going strong since the mid 90's and one listen to their latest release, 'Golet', you will understand why. All hail THE STONE and Serbian metal!!!


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