Ritual 'The Resurrection' review

'The Resurrection'
(Funeral Rain Records)

After a long silence the US black metal band Ritual returns with a new release for the fans. Some of you might remember
Ritual from their beginnings in the mid 90's ('The Summoning' 1995, 'Demonic Winter Metal' 1997 and 1998's 'Soldiers Under Satan's Command)...well present day,main man Ian Flemming (vocals,all instruments) returns with 'The Resurrection'. Ritual's music is definitely within the black metal genre but Ian is not afraid try and use some really well creative guitar structures to keep the listener's attention and to give each song a life of their own. Musically Ritual stays within the mid-paced almost doomish black metal specter and overall the newest release is a good one of quality black metal. Maybe not the most violent,extreme sounding band out there but still gets the point across.


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