Witchtrap 'Vengeance Is My Name' review

'Vengeance Is My Name'
(Hells Headbangers)

After six years of silence the masters of black/thrash'n roll return with a new release for all headbangers to bang their heads to. The band does the hard job of mixing old-school thrash/black metal but also mixes in some mid-paced rock'n roll guitars that are catchy and mixed very well in the bands metal style. The drummer does a good job keeping up with the changing tempos, going from faster beats to the more mid-pace rock styled ones, and the guys are always keeping the music tight and catchy which will keep the riffs,solos and beats in your head long after the CD is shut off. Vocals are old-school gruff,screams that you can understand what is being said. Fans of 1980's thrashy/speed black metal mixed with some rock influence will love Witchtrap and their latest metal gem. 


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