Cardiac Arrest review

‘Haven for the Insane’ 
(Ibex Moon Records)

Don’t you just love it coming across an album that gives you an extra energy boost, especially in this gloomy time of the year? Well, apparently I do, as evidenced by the fact that Cardiac Arrest’s third full-length has remained in my player for some heavy, and well deserved I hasten to add, rotation for the last couple of days. Yeah, screw the coffee and give me more of this – extreme death metal that puts you in a sort of battle mood that I find absolutely essential in order of overcoming the daily grind. Speaking of which, Cardiac Arrest have also added bits and pieces of both grindcore and obnoxious crust punk to their already lethal death metal arsenal(the good ole “One-two, fuck you” has always been a winner !), which to me explains the immediate catchiness of the tunes. A good time should be had by all while this comes out of the speakers – it has some seriously monstrous vocals, loud bass lines, hard hitting drumming and quite a hefty amount of driving guitar riffs and solos, resulting in songs that are bound to stuck in your head. Seeing this band live should be a real thrill, I reckon.
(Vladimir Petrov)


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