The Wounded Kings 'In The Chapel Of The Black Hand'

'In The Chapel Of The Black Hand'
(I Hate Records)
The Wounded Kings make a welcome return to the pages of Canadian Assault [As well as their debut in Dead Void Dreams! -ED]. I reviewed their last album 'The Shadow Over Atlantis' and was a fan of it. It is the quality we come to expect from I Hate Records. TWK are doom metal through and through, in the classic style and tone, drifting through the air like smoke, you can see it, taste it, smell it but it deftly seeps through your mind and your hands if you try to capture it. 'In The Chapel Of The Black Hand' is an extremely hypnotic expedition of the mind, but also an exploration of the soul. These are the deep, reflective thoughts and feelings that course through me while listening to this album. It is so difficult not to get lost in it all and I am not sure I even care to find my way back. Yeah bro this album just fucking does things to me that few bands can achieve to this level. On the last album I compared them to bands like Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Spirit Caravan, Black Sabbath (not as rocking though but the melancholy aspects) and I think those still stand to give the reader just a basic outline. But The Wounded Kings now more than ever sound like they are starting to forge their own sound, no not so different than those others mentioned, but to the point where it simply sounds like The Wounded Kings. The vocals of Sharie Nyland much like the music are pretty are hypnotic, deep, with a soothing sound that is pretty spellbinding all on it’s own. They do not over use her vocals though, they are there when needed and appropriate, but can also disappear for long stretches as the instruments weave and intertwine their silky web. The production on here is understated as it should be, everything sounds perfect. I understand that band founder Steve Mills had to put together a whole new line up since the last record. That is amazing that they came out the other end of that experience sounding better than ever. Beyond recommended and one of best of the year!
(Dale Roy)
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