Black Oath 'The Third Aeon' review

'The Third Aeon'
(I Hate Records – CD / Horror Records - LP)

Italian doom metal and as any dedicated doom fan knows Italy is a place where doom has set down its roots deeply for many years. Immediately coming to mind are legends like Paul Chain and Death SS. I have spent many an hour listening to those two bands and Paul Chain in particular. The band is described as epic occult doom metal, and the bio cites early Candlemass as an influence for Black Oath and that is bang on. They borrow from that sound, but they do it well and put their own vibe or twist upon it. The Oath employ keyboards, something I am not always a fan of, but they are in general applied sparsely and kept lower in the mix so they really do sound like more of an accompaniment, and do not drown out the traditional instruments. The vocals are classic clean sung traditional doom style vocals, quite melodious and flowing, they fit the music well. Another influence that is springing to mind for me as I listen is the American group Solitude Aeturnus, and maybe a small touch of the almighty Trouble. 'The Third Aeon' is a promising debut album with moments of true brilliance, and a worthy addition to the traditional doom scene.
(Dale Roy) 
(Vinyl fiends are well advised to contact Horror Records, this album  is still available on both black and purple wax - ED)


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