Deceptor 'Chains Of Delusion' review

'Chains Of Delusion'
(Shadow Kingdom Records)

I know very little about this UK thrash metal band but after hearing 'Chains Of Delusion' it's easy to understand why Shadow Kingdom signed and released them. Deceptor embrace everything that made metal so pure and great back in the early days of thrash, the lightning fast guitar riffs and extremely fast yet catchy and memorable metal solos. The drums are just as catchy and pummelling in their approach with fast thrashing beats. The vocalist keeps it in the traditional thrash metal realm with hollering/screaming vocal patterns and also some higher pitched screams. Definitely recommended for fans of (old) Megadeth ('So Far, So Good, So What' era), early Priest, Slayer, I even hear a little Bruce Dickinson influence in some of the vocal patterns and Maiden in the guitars.


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