Agony Lords 'A Tomb For The Haunted' review

'A Tomb For The Haunted'
(Chaos Records)

 If you don't know this band , you need to know that every member is talented with respected backgrounds and bands. Very good riffing with plenty of time changes, the music is constantly interesting, I assumed by the name that this was a black metal band - I was so wrong! This is good stuff however. Atmospheric-styled death metal which fills the void of originality not found in a lot of new musical projects. They do have the usual sound, but mix in strange but cool technical sounding drum playing. "The Spirit In The Tower" is the most memorable song provided with a nice riff ,double bass and solos. These guys from Mexico know how to play metal with rage and this CD has good quality recording too. Hope to hear more from them in the future. If you enjoy extreme metal with great musicianship ,definitely this band is for you!
(Paul Caravasi)



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