Deus Otiosus 'Godless' review

(Deepsend Records)

It's about time I got something new to review from this band from Denmark. Deus Otiosus are a death metal band, and one of the most extreme ones. You can tell that this is one of those few bands who will not alter their style for anyone, and that's fucking amazing. The blinding drumwork, the furious riffing, and the vocalist's hideous serpentine snarl are all that is necessary to create some of the most extraordinary and memorable music known to man or beast. This album is a must have for any death metal maniac, this band is easily capable of reaching Krisiun, Broken Hope and Cannibal Corpse-like speed, and they manage to make your head move in circles, great kick ass riffs, a completely masterpiece of inhumanly talent!!
(Paul Caravasi)



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